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Our consultant Merve Gül Barut attended to “Göçmen Kuşlar” (Migrant Birds) Radio Program live on TRT Radio (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) on 10th August, Friday. A recent research on migrant entrepreneurship in Turkey has been conducted in Turkey within the context of MIGRAPRENEURS – “Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mindset Development for Highly Skilled Migrants in Europe”, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project supported by EC and British National Agency.  A detailed discussion about the scope and results of this research was held with speaker Esra Ömeroğlu in this program.

Migrapreneurs, aims to better utilize the skills that highly skilled migrants bring into partner countries by fostering an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial mindset for migrants. First intellectual output developed within the project is The Needs Analysis Report on training needs of highly skilled migrants. This report outlines the training needs determined with desk research and the interviews with highly skilled migrants in the partner countries (UK, France, Spain, Turkey). Project partners have developed a training programme based on the results of this needs analysis report and this programme formed a basis for the training materials. The training materials are uploaded to a free online platform in order to reach the large masses.  In this sense, The Training Needs Analysis Report is the basis of both intellectual outputs of the project and the e-learning platform.

In the beginning of the radio program, general objectives and target groups of the project are outlined and then the scope of the research is explained. The Training Needs Analysis Report has been carried out simultaneously with the same methodology between dates October and December 2016 in all the partner countries. Education, employment and entrepreneurship data of migrants is analyzed by relying on both desk research and national statistics&reports. In addition, their problems, entrepreneurial tendencies and their training needs are identified with the help of organizations that support migrants&refugees and face to face interviews with migrants&refugees themselves.

During the radio program, some problems that foreign entrepreneurs have to deal such as bureaucratic obstacles and communication with local community are also outlined. At the same time, they are disadvantaged compared to the local entrepreneurs in terms of accessing the necessary information. They need to develop their soft skills and they require training especially in planning and management.

In accordance with the identified training needs of migrants and refugees, the University of Sheffield developed a training programme. This training programme is offered to the highly skilled migrants simultaneously in all the partner countries. The training in Turkey has been organized in METU on May 2018 with the support of METU GIMER (Entrepreneurship Research Center). An intensive program including 2 Stages and 11 units of the training programme has been implemented in three full days thanks to active participation of the trainees who are migrants from different countries Iran, India, Albania, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Macedonia, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Palestine. On the last day of the training, a seminar was organized and specific information about entrepreneurship in Turkey is provided to the participants by expert speakers.

You can listen to the program here or from the 10/08/2018 dated podcast on the TRT web site.

2nd pilot implementation of the training programme will be organized on October-November. Please contact us for detailed information.

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