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2nd partners meeting of DİVET Project was organized in Sofia, Bulgaria on 8-9 July 2019.

DİVET Project aims to develop the skills of young people interested to work in the field of internet based and social media exports. In order to achieve this objective, joint curriculum and assessment standards will be created to implement trainings in the partner countries. This curriculum was the main topic in the first day of the partners meeting. 

First, partners presented the results of the focus group meetings. These meetings are organized in order to better identify the required skills to realize export activities via internet and social media. Then a discussion was taken place between partners to develop the Common Qualification Profile, which will be the basis of the joint curriculum.

Financial management of the project and dissemination activities was the main topics covered on the second day of the meeting.  DİVET Project will be disseminated in social media platforms to create awareness about the project and contribute to on the one hand to increase the employability of VET students and on the other hand to provide to enterprises trained professionals which possess the necessary skills to cover the needs. Dissemination plan is presented by MAKRO and partner responsibilities were reviewed during the meeting. Project website is available at divet.eu project Facebook page and Linkedin group is also updated continuously.

Also, evaluations of the external evaluator added great value to the meeting in order to contribute the development and improvement of DİVET Project.

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