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The 5th Ecolive project meeting is hosted in Catania, Italy on 15 and 16 February.

The Erasmus+ project ECOLIVE aims to develop the capacity of production entities of organic olive oil, members of agricultural cooperatives and managers of olive oil companies in the production, certification and marketing of organic olive oil. Blended learning materials are developed by the partners for training of the olive oil producers and they are used as a source to the e-learning and m-learning platform which will be the basis for the organization of the e-learning courses. 

Main themes of the meeting were e-learning platform and courses, workshops for the online tutors and multiplier events like the workshops in Italy, Cyprus & Greece and the final conference in İzmir.

The first day of the meeting, e-learning platform is evaluated by the partners in terms of integration to the website, uploading on the platform and adaptation of the material in order to be suitable for online learning. Tutors training was held in Turkey and platform was evaluated to achieve better performance and overcome existing problems. The feedback from this training is used for the development of e-learning platform and courses. E-learning courses will be held both on-line and off-line.

Second day, partners discussed the details of multiplier events. Agenda and timeline is reviewed and dissemination activities are determined for the events. After the multiplier events in Italy, Cyprus and Greece, international conference will be organized in İzmir, Turkey.

The final outcomes of the project are almost ready, so follow us for more news regarding the training activities.

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