Authorized license partner of the IMP³rove


We are authorized license partners of the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy

Innovation is a key driver for competitiveness and sustainable growth of any organization. Therefore, all the activities that lead to successful innovation should be managed in a systematic manner. With the IMP³rove innovation management assessment ( a powerful tool is available to assess the organization’s innovation management capabilities in a structured and effective manner. We are trained as IMP³rove Guide and are partner of the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy. By assisting innovation-oriented companies in completing the IMP³rove Assessment we help to set a baseline for developing a roadmap to profitable growth based on better innovation management. With IMP³rove we offer an innovation management assessment that is compliant with the European standardization documents on innovation management (CEN TS 16555-1, CWA 15899).

The value propositions that IMP³rove offers to the SMEs generated a wide variety of benefits.

IMP³rove allows SMEs to improve their Innovation Management Performance. It also provides an up-to-date picture of European SMEs and their business activities. Strategic focus, internationalization, re-organization or the establishment of additional functions are just a few changes that were triggered by IMP³rove.

  • Learning experience: Gaining insights in innovation management already by completing the IMP³rove questionnaire.
  • Benchmarking insights: Gaining competitive intelligence and understanding the competitive pressure in the SME’s markets.
  • Compliance with international standards: Better positioning as supplier with the IMP³rove certificate.

The IMP³rove Assessment gives a sober and clearly structured picture of the own innovation management performance in comparison to the competitors’ performance. The IMP³rove Assessment helps companies to understand the key success factors of innovation management in 5 innovation management dimensions, namely innovation strategy, innovation organization and culture, innovation life-cycle management, innovation enabling factors and innovation results. More than 7,500 SMEs from across Europe and beyond have already experienced the benefits of IMP³rove!

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