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Have you ever wondered if you have the characteristics and competencies that can make you a successful entrepreneur or intrapreneur?

Can you manage many tasks simultaneously with passion for success and innovation, or do you prefer to stick to specific tasks?

INNOGROW App will help find the best “you’ with a new ‘learning path’ method. Not only it will help you assess your personality compared to today’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, but it will help you develop your key competencies through eLearning courses. You will also have access to a business model tool where you can develop your business ideas with the support of other users and tutors.

The Self-assessment tool and eLearning courses in INNOGROW App are developed from data collected in detailed field research conducted in conjunction with 150 successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in Turkey, UK, Spain, Greece, Romania and by the partners of INNOGROW Project.

The App is designed for those who wish to start innovative businesses or for those who want to take an established organisation to new heights. All the contents of the software are available in all partner country languages.

Get started on your path to success now by visiting!

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