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INNOGROW Final Meeting has been organized in Bucharest on 8-9 June 2017. Project partners met for the last time to discuss current progress of project activities and future program before closure of the Project.

The main themes of the meeting are; review of dissemination seminars in partner countries, pilot trainings in partner countries, concept and agenda of classroom training which has been organised in Thessaloniki, format of the final dissemination conference to be organised in Gaziantep before the end of project in September 2017.

The current and future work program of the project with major tasks of each partner and deadlines outlined at the meeting.

The partners also presented their experiences about virtual pilot trainings on INNOGROW App ; how they recruited the users, how they selected successful users to bring to Training in Thessaloniki, etc. 

A general overview of quantitative user data about pilot trainings in partner countries;

  • Among the total number of users (incl. not registered ones); 134 are intrapreneur users and 321 are entrepreneur users.
  • The majority of registered users have occupations at salaried positions, or studying at undergraduate and postgraduate education. Majority of them belongs to 21 – 25, 26 – 30 and 31 – 35 age ranges.
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