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MAV – ‘Multidimensional Training of Adult Volunteers to Foster Migrants’ Integration’ is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project with a running time of November 2017-October 2019.

Please click here to fill the application form for the “Information meeting to foster the integration process of migrants and refugees” which will be held on September 7, 2019 at 10.00 in Ankara Sevendeep Hotel.

The project is focused on volunteers who serve as “companions” or “mentors” for migrants (including refugees, third country national and non-native in general) in order to better guide them into the European labor market, help them to identify and improve their skills and competences, continue to build upon the training which they might have had in their countries of origin.

We will create a form of learning tool kit for adult volunteers (especially adult migrants in volunteering) to better self-train and qualify volunteers to manage for “their migrants” the transition process between “arriving as migrants” up to integrating into the local labor market of the receiving country, in this way contributing to the enhancement of more inclusive societies.



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