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The 2nd MAV Project – “Volunteers’ Training to Foster Migrants’ Integration” meeting is hosted in Patras, Greece on 27-28th March 2018.

Main themes of the meeting were the first output of the project “Guide for Trainers”, external quality assessment and revisions of the project website.

The first day of the meeting, draft of Guide for Trainers was presented. Evaluation questionnaires were conducted to both national and international experts by each partner. The guide is developed by combining the partners’ experiences and the comments of these experts. It provides fundamental elements of the training process for volunteer migrants involved in the project as mentors for other migrants. During the meeting, partners evaluated the draft guide and agreed on the visual modifications for a better presentation.

Second day, project website is displayed and appropriate revisions were made in order to create a user-friendly and effective website. Dissemination activities are redefined by relying on the qualitative criteria of the project.

3rd transnational meeting will be decided to be organized on September in Cyprus by the partners.

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