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MAV Project – “Volunteers’ Training to Foster Migrants’ Integration” 3rd meeting is hosted in Nicosia, Cyprus on 18-19th September 2018.

The main theme of the meeting is reviewing the progress of project activities and outputs. To date, the first output of the project, MAV Guide for Trainers, has been completed successfully, which provides methods and recommendations to motivate adult migrant volunteers promoting the learning of other migrants. The next outputs; MAV Adult Learning Toolkit and MAV Adult Learning Course “Volunteers in Migrants’ Integration” are still under development and were the main discussion topics in this meeting.

MAV Adult Learning Toolkit is being developed with the purpose of introducing volunteer trainers and migrant mentors the principles of adult learning. It presents guidelines, online learning modules on essentials of adult learning for the target group of migrants, based on their needs, and good practice for the MAV learning process.

The next output will be MAV Adult Learning Course which will be provided as an online learning platform. This platform aims to create online open resources to support migrants’ integration. It will be developed coherent with the Adult Learning Toolkit but in a more detailed framework in order to better contribute the process on developing social skills of migrants.

You can visit project website or contact us for more information about the project and its activities.

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