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4th meeting of the MAV Project – “Volunteers’ Training to Foster Migrants’ Integration” was organized in London on 12-13 February 2019.

The meeting has started with the presentation of MAV Project coordinator Martin Kilgus about overall project progress and partners gave feedback on their work progress so far.

The most important topic of the meeting was IO3 OER Adult Learning Course; “Volunteers in migrants’ integration”. Leader of this output Dafni KEK has presented the content of the learning materials. The learning course will be developed as an online platform which provides open resources to support migrants’ integration in their host countries.

Partners focused on the IO4 MAV Communications Toolkit on the second day of the meeting. This output presents guidelines, online learning modules on essentials of adult learning for migrants based on their needs and best practices for the MAV learning process.

Small workshops were organized during the meeting in order to exchange ideas and experiences between partners to better contribute the development of intellectual outputs.

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