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2nd Project Team Meeting was organized in Madrid on 25-26 September.

The main objectives of the meeting were to discuss updates on project management and organize training the trainers session by project leader – University of Sheffield. The major part of the meeting was the training session; the trainers in other countries, who will be responsible for organizing the national classroom trainings in partner countries, have been trained on the Migrapreneurs Training Program to be provided to Highly Skilled Migrants. Training sessions provided detailed insights about the training modules and helped setting timelines for the trainings which will be organized in partner countries.

Migrapreneurs Training Program offers migrant entrepreneurs to build their skills in order to set up a business. In this regard first, training needs of highly skilled migrants has been determined with the help of Comparative Training Needs Analysis Report. Then, training modules are developed to help migrants in idea generation, creativity, strategic planning, networking and preparing an effective business plan etc. by The University of Sheffield and Inova Consultancy. Opportunities to get involved in the training will be available from 2018 in France, UK, Spain and Turkey.

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