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MIGRAPRENEURS – “Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mindset Development for Highly Skilled Migrants in Europe” is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Project which is designed for utilizing the skills that highly skilled migrants bring into partner countries by fostering an entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial mindset for migrants.

4th Connect & Network Event of the Migrapreneurs Project has been organized  in METU (Middle East Technical University), in collaboration with Migport – Refugee Knowledge Sharing Platform on 20th February 2019.

The event has started with the evaluations of the Migrapreneurs Training Programme. Participants shared their experiences and opinions after the training. They were very satisfied with the training in general and all agreed that the training programme provided many useful information in order to develop their entrepreneurship skills and competences.

Later, E-learning Hub which is a Moodle-based platform developed to contain all learner materials from the training programme for highly skilled migrants as well as information for trainers and other interactive learning resources relevant to migrant entrepreneurs is introduced to the participants. This platform is free to use and for anyone who is a migrant with a degree or equivalent qualification but is currently working beneath their skill level or is unemployed, who wants to be an entrepreneur but is not sure if it’s for them and who has a business idea but doesn’t know how to get started.

Berat Kjamili, main trainer of the training programme shared his experinces as a migrant entrepreneur in Turkey. He shared the experiences and challenges he faced during his entrepreneurship journey with the participants. Participants also had a chance to visit METU Teknokent and meet with young entrepreneurs at the end of the meeting.

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