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4th team meeting of the Migrapreneurs Project was organized in University of Sheffield on 13th and 14th December 2018.

The headlines of the meeting were; completion of the remaining intellectual outputs, dissemination strategy, upcoming multiplier events and the external evaluation of the project.

Partners agreed upon the final improvements on IO4A Guide for Highly Skilled Migrants: Transferring your skills into self-employment. The guide with the theme of transferring skills into self-employment has been developed for mainly migrants and refugees who are unemployed or working beneath their skill level in their host countries. It helps to discover entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship skills, how to put them into practice with practical country specific information on how to setup a business in UK, France, Spain and Turkey.

As IO5 Guide is in progress, the deadlines have been revised and the distribution of duty is completed for this output. The aim of the guide is to help Policy Makers see the benefits of migration and how we can/should be supporting the Target Group. Guide will be ready for publication by the end of February 2019, so stay tuned for the upcoming posts on our website.

One of the most important topics of the meeting was The Final Conference. This event will be used to showcase success stories and research findings from the project. It aims to be a multicultural event where educators and trainers meet the migrants and refugees in order to support them and also increase their professional development opportunities. Final Conference will be organized in Ankara by the end of April or early May. Partners discussed the planning details for the event like including interactive elements with a workshop or inviting policy makers to encourage sharing of best practice between countries. Further details about the conference will be announced in the forthcoming days, please contact us for further information.

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