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The Migrapreneurs E-Learning Hub is a Moodle-based platform developed to contain all the learner materials from the Entrepreneurial Journey Training Programme for Highly Skilled Migrants as well as information for trainers and other interactive learning resources relevant to migrant entrepreneurs.

It aims to better utilize the skills that highly skilled migrants bring into our countries by fostering an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial mindset for migrants. The platform is for anyone who is a migrant with a degree or equivalent qualification but is currently working beneath their skill level or is unemployed, who wants to be an entrepreneur but is not sure if it’s for them and who has a business idea but doesn’t know how to get started.

The platform offers learning materials in English, French, Spanish and Turkish, facilitator materials and a guide for highly skilled migrants to help them transfer their skills into self-employment. Users can discover their entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship skills and learn how to put them into practice with practical country specific information on how to setup a business in UK, France, Spain and Turkey.

In this platform, you will find out if entrepreneurship is the right path for you and build the skills you need to make it happen over the first 4 units. For those who are ready to take the next step, or if you have a business idea and want help to develop your business plan further, a further 8 units will take you through key steps and help you put in place clear actions to progress.

Stage 1 – ‘Finding out if entrepreneurship is the right thing for me’

  • Unit 1: Is Entrepreneurship for me?
  • Unit 2: Idea Generation and Creativity
  • Unit 3: Mapping my Journey to a New Country
  • Unit 4: Networking
  • Unit 5: Becoming Intrapreneurial

Stage 2 – ‘Planning my business’

  • Unit 1: Diagnosis and Business Fit Audit
  • Unit 2: Resource and Capability Analysis
  • Unit 3: Intervention Methods and Leadership for Business Growth
  • Unit 4: Developing and reporting an information dashboard
  • Unit 5: Financial Planning and re-structuring
  • Unit 6: Project Catalyst Operationalization
  • Unit 7: Support for migrant start-up entrepreneurs in Turkey
  • Unit 8: Doing business in the other countries of the partnership

Visit http://migrapreneurs.fr/moodle/ website, create yourself an account and log on to the platform for free!

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