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1st Pilot of Migrapreneurs Training Programme has been organized in METU (Middle East Technical University) between dates 11-13 May, 2018.

An intensive program including 2 Stages and 11 units of the training programme has been implemented in three full days thanks to active participation of the trainees who are migrants from different countries Iran, India, Albania, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Macedonia, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Palestine.

First day of the training, Director of METU – Entrepreneurship Research Center (GIMER) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adil Oran welcomed the participants and made an introduction to entrepreneurship and went on with the Unit 1 ‘Is Entrepreneurship for me?’. Then the main trainer of the programme, Berat Kjamili who is also a successful migrant entrepreneur in Turkey, continued the training with teaching the units and sharing his experiences at the same time. The trainer encouraged the participants to take an active role during the training with the help of various exercises like rope exercise and stick game that helped them to understand and develop their negotiation skills. Participants also completed their spider template and business model canvas by interactively sharing their ideas and experiences with each other and then presented their models in order to better improve them.

Second day, the training programme proceeded with 2nd part of the training including leadership, financial planning and reporting to help developing competencies in business planning. Business pitching techniques are also given to present or describe the business ideas effectively to prospective investors. Some of the participants developed their own business pitch based on their business models and presented them to receive feedback from both the trainer and other participants.

7th Unit of Stage 2 “Support for Migrant Entrepreneurs” was implemented as a seminar on the third day of Migrapreneurs Training Programme. In this seminar type event; Dr. Olgu Karan from Başkent University Sociology Department addressed migrants’ resources underpinning entrepreneurship, Lawyer Naz Bandik Hatipoğlu explained legal liabilities on setting up business in Turkey as a migrant, Assoc. Prof. Adil Oran from METU made a speech about innovative entrepreneurship, senior consultant Acar Şensoy gave useful tips to the participants on marketing for small businesses and finally, trainer of the programme Berat Kjamili shared his experiences as a migrant entrepreneur in Turkey. At the end of the seminar, certificates of attendance were delivered to the participants.

The next unit – Unit 8 ‘Doing Business in Turkey’ will be thought to the same participants in a webinar format in the forthcoming days.

Click here to access to the e-learning platform.

Click here to download the presentation on Marketing for Small Businesses.



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