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2nd pilot implementation of Migrapreneurs Training Programme which was developed within the context of Migrapreneurs Project was organized in Middle East Technical University (METU) with the support of Entrepreneurship Research Center (GIMER) on 16-17 and 24-25 November 2018.

The training has started with the opening speech of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adil Oran, director of GIMER, and he covered the first unit of the training “Is entrepreneurship for me?”

The main trainer of the programme was Berat Kjamili, a successful migrant entrepreneur from Macedonia.  In the first part of the training, the participants learned about the soft skills required for entrepreneurship and how to develop them. The second part of the training was implemented on 17th and 24th November and the participants learned the process of business plan development. Second part of the training was relied on more technical aspects like business fit audit, resource and capability analysis, financial planning etc.

The last day of the training was organized as a seminar. “Support for Migrant Entrepreneurs” Seminar held great attention of the international students both in METU and other universities. During the seminar, Berat Kjamili shared his experiences as a migrant entrepreneur in Turkey. Esra Taşçı who is a Business Development and Marketing Expert, talked about being an entrepreneur in a different country. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adil Oran gave important information and useful tips about innovative entrepreneurship. Finally, the Analyzing Unit Expert and founder partner of Business Factory Oğuzhan Acar explained the supporting mechanisms for entrepreneurship in Turkey.

The 4-day training was finalized successfully on 25th November and the participants received their certificates. Migrapreneurs training is also available on the online learning platform developed by the project team. The training is offered in different languages; English, French, Spanish and Turkish for free. Please click here to access the e-learning platform.

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