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The project VALOR “Valorization of ancient farming techniques in resilient and sustainable agriculture” is built on the results of the project partners’ previous projects, to the scope of promoting the recovery, conservation and enhancement of the ancient local cultivation conditions. Basing on this awareness, the VALOR Alliance promotes the implementation of a compatible education model resulting in innovative curricula, to support quality and ancient tradition safeguarding production as core activity leading to resilience and sustainability. The VALOR curricula are:

  • top-quality expert in resilient agricultural system (as education curriculum for trainers);
  • sustainability aware farmer (supporting farmers/new farmers increasing their abilities to preserve, valorize and promote local traditional identities and economies).

The need considered by VALOR is crucial and covers sectoral requirements arising from all European countries, in which natural heritage has a strong economic level, strategically represented by the project countries. The Alliance VALOR is formed by participants and a large number of associated partners from the European countries Italy, Greece, Germany, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Cyprus, such as regional, national and European Parks (as key target employment market), higher education institutions, enterprises and relevant stakeholders including regional and national authorities and umbrella organizations. The Alliance joins efforts/complementary expertise to the scope of contributing to the improvement of skills to confront successfully the specific requirements of resilient and sustainable farming in Europe. VALOR will:

  • Develop a competence framework of curricula for resilient and sustainable farming corresponding occupational profiles;
  • Create OER courses to be massively delivered in traditional, blended learning and VOOC methods;
  • For validation purposes, organize complete pilot courses in Italy, Greece, Romania and Germany.

Target Groups

  • Educators from HEIs;
  • Students from HEIs;
  • Trainers/managers from concerned industries and markets (in the fields of environment and natural heritage protection, biodiversity safeguarding, biotechnologies)
  • Old and young new farming entrepreneurs (smallholders, familiar enterprises, SMEs);
  • Staff of farming enterprises;
  • Professionals working with environment protection, biodiversity safeguarding, farming resilience;
  • Decision/policy makers (at local, regional, national and European levels).


Specific objective of the VALOR project is to promotes the implementation of a compatible education model resulting in innovative curricula to support quality and ancient tradition safeguarding farming production, as core activity leading to resilience and sustainability.

The VALOR project will develop a competence framework of curricula corresponding occupational profiles compliant with NQF and ECVET requirements.


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DİVET – Joint Qualification for Export Specialists Via Internet and Social Media is an Erasmus+ Project that will be implemented between periods December 2018- December 2020.

Exports are a main source of growth and jobs for the EU. However, nowadays there is a trend to digital economy which includes export. Nowadays, a growing number of sales and exports are organized online. VET systems have a problem to cope with this development and there are no stand-alone qualifications focusing on e-marketing (leave alone e-exports). Therefore, there is a need to develop the VET offer in order to prepare highly qualified professionals to work on internet based and social media exports.

This project aims to develop the skills of young people interested to work in the field of internet based and social media exports in order to on the one hand to increase their employability and on the other hand to provide to enterprises trained professionals which posses the necessary skills to cover the needs. In order to achieve this objective, the project is going to develop a joint qualification between 3 VET organisations focusing on internet based and social media sales since a 3-month apprenticeship period will be a pre-condition in order to complete successfully the course. A joint qualification profile is going to be developed in cooperation with enterprises and sector representatives and is going to be referenced to European Qualifications Framework (EQF). On the basis of the joint qualification profile, a joint curriculum is going to be developed as well as assessment standards in order to achieve at the end of the course a fully recognized qualification. In parallel, quality assurance mechanisms are going to developed in order to increase the cooperation and coordination between the institutions involved and in order to ensure the quality both of the classroom based and work based learning. The entire model is going to be piloted for the academic year 2019-2020. During this piloting implementation, it is expected to involve 80 VET students and 80 SMEs working in the field of exports and willing to follow the digital swift. At the end of the project, it is expected that the VET students will increase significantly their knowledge, skills and competencies in the sector and that the SMEs will be more engaged in apprenticeship and will be able to find more easily employees with the required skills. 


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