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Bingöl Business Development Center (İŞGEM) is a Technical Assistance Project.

The model of Business Development Centres (İŞGEM) as an entrepreneurship promoting mechanism and business incubator, support both new business establishments that are to say the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and employment increases. In İŞGEM model, at the early stages of business establishments, supports are provided to entrepreneurs to assist their institutionalization during the market entrance and development phases.

The scope of the Technical Assistance project is to support the institutional set-up of Bingöl İŞGEM including definition of a sustainable business plan for its operation, provision of support in the recruitment and capacity building of İŞGEM staff and provision of support in identification of tenants and strengthening of their technical capacities via training, mentoring and business development consultancy services.

The proposed project will develop close synergies with established İŞGEMs as well as other successful incubators in the country and abroad, for the exchange of know-how as well as for the capitalization and localization of best practices.

Beneficiary Organization

  • Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey (MoSIT)

Target Groups

  • Potential entrepreneurs and start-ups in Bingöl province
  • Female entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs (positive discrimination measures will be taken so as to ensure that at least 25% of İŞGEM tenants are women or young entrepreneurs)


The main objective is to contribute to the socio-economic development of Bingöl, through strengthening entrepreneurial infrastructure in Bingöl and increasing technical Capacities of enterprises in Bingöl İŞGEM.  This will be achieved via the operational set-up of the Bingöl İŞGEM and the provision of business development support to twenty new entrepreneurs who will be hosted in the İŞGEM.

Specific Objectives

The specific objective to be attained by the present project is to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture, ecosystem, and infrastructure in the province via the operational set-up of Bingöl İŞGEM and the provision of business development support to at least twenty-two entrepreneurs.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • The Bingöl İŞGEM is relevant to the national and regional plans, policies and strategies in terms of establishing a proper environment for the development of entrepreneurship.
  • It deals with the lack of entrepreneurship as a barrier in front of the regional development which has been mentioned in strategy documents as a serious regional weakness and fosters community’s entrepreneurial climate.
  • Bingöl has a less developed, mainly rural economy, which depends on traditional sectors and small scaled manufacturing mainly depends on agricultural raw materials. Therefore a new İŞGEM hosting prospective entrepreneurs and supporting dynamic start-ups in traditional sectors is expected to increase the quality and capacity of manufacturing traditional sectors and foster trade / economic relations with other regions and abroad, improve competitiveness and local growth, in line with the other policies defined in the regional planning.
  • Bingöl İŞGEM by providing nursery hosting to new entrepreneurial initiatives and ideas would keep young entrepreneurs in their home region. Also, İŞGEM aims to attract female entrepreneurs.
  • Bingöl İŞGEM as an incubator for traditional products would establish synergies with other local agricultural development policies/projects and, because of that, cause a high added value for the region, either to the manufacturing or agricultural sector. For this purpose, networking must also be developed with other neighbouring İŞGEMs, existing or future.
  • There is an availability of raw (agriculture) materials and know how (coming from Bingöl University) in order to create the appropriate conditionality for the production and manufacturing of traditional competitive products.


  • İŞGEM management, technical and support staff is recruited and trained
  • İŞGEM is operating in accordance with its defined Business Plan
  • İŞGEM services are provided in accordance with the demand analysis and the developed Service Manuals
  • 22 start-up firms/potential entrepreneurs (İŞGEM tenants) are identified via a transparent
  • selection process and hosted within İŞGEM premises (working spaces)
  • Tenant firms are supported in improving and implementing their business plans
  • İŞGEM activities and results are widely promoted through a series of visibility actions




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