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E-EMPORIO is a LdV-Tol Project with a running time of
October 2013-2015.

E-EMPORIO is a Leonardo da Vinci (LdV), Transfer of Innovation (ToI) project which is based on a former successfully implemented and completed project called text-e – “Training of Export Trainers via e Learning – an Innovative Approach”. E-EMPORIO is further developing the products of this project. It aims to contribute to the development of the export skills of staff working in SMEs, by providing them with complete, qualitative, results-oriented and practice-oriented e-learning contents, accessible through internet from any place, at any time.
The main target group consists of:

  • SMEs’ staff (particularly persons working in marketing and sales departments, but also from other departments);
  • Unemployed willing to set up an SME or improve their professional skills in order to find a job.

The general objectives of the project are:

  • To contribute to an increase in SMEs competitiveness at international level by using innovative technologies;
  • To increase foreign trade capacities of SMEs’ staff;
  • To minimize training gaps in exports identified in partner countries;
  • To generate dialogue among the trainers from partner countries and promote the accreditation of skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning.The specific objectives of the project include:
  • To develop practice-oriented and competence based e-learning contents, especially developed in order to increase the skills of SMEs’ staff in exports, taking into consideration the specificities of each partner country;
  • To transfer these e-learning courses also to mobile devices applications;
  • To provide certification for the skills and competencies that are going to be obtained through the e-learning platform;
  • To transfer best practices and expertise between partners;
  • To consider the needs of specific target groups such as older workers (or unemployed) wishing to improve their skills.

The major outcomes of the project are: desk and field research on the training needs of SMEs; e-learning platform; innovative E-Learning Modules; e-learning courses; training of trainers etc.
The project’s products are going to increase the skills of the staff of the SMEs or of the unemployed wanting to establish an SME in exporting activities. This will create more confidence for this staff to direct themselves towards the foreign markets and could contribute to the increase of the exporting activities.


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