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Export-Expert is a LdV-ToI Project which started in October 2011 and will be finalized in September 2013.

Export-Expert is a Leonardo da Vinci (LdV), Transfer of Innovation (ToI) project which is based on a former successfully implemented and completed project “Text-e”. Export-Expert is further developing the products of Text-e which has been completed by a consortium under the leadership of MAKRO.

The project aims to contribute to an increase in SMEs competitiveness in the international scene through use of innovative technologies such as e-learning to train SMEs staff in foreign trading with a European prospective, combining relative strength brought by each partner country organisation.
Specific objectives of the project include;
i) Increasing capacities of SMEs staff to a level average compatible with the established enterprises from EU 15 with regards foreign trade capabilities,
ii) Developments in emerging Central and Eastern European economies necessitate international trade in order to generate capacity in the region, spawning the need to minimize identified training gaps in exportation across partner countries. Similarly, the gap between regions in individual partner countries shall be addressed,
iii) Generate dialogue among the trainers from partner countries, and
iv) Transfer best practices and expertise between the partners.
The tangible outcomes of the project are a multi language e-learning modules and other training materials to be published on project web site enriched with the latest solution in terms of interactive learning solutions (simulation tools, interactive games, online tests for assessments), CD-ROMs, promotional materials for meetings, reports on analyses to be carried out prior to the launching of the testing phase of the project, visibility materials connected to the activities of the project. All the existing material and the new one adapted and created will be provided in the all national language of the partner fostering this way the wider dissemination of the products realized. The intangible outcomes are the training of export trainers, the improved capacity in exports. Multiplier brought about by dissemination of this innovative training methodology to the potential users.


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