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Technical Assistance to Development of the Research & Technological Infrastructure of Gaziantep Technopark.


The Gaziantep Teknopark project  addresses two levels of challenges: regional and national.
At  regional level (Gaziantep TDZ) the key challenge is to provide state-of-art, tailored technical assistance, organisational development and capacity building support to Gaziantep Technopark management company and Technology Transfer Office aiming at improved delivery of services to SMEs and increased awareness among SMEs on the benefits of R&D and Innovation activities.
At National level (Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology) the key challenge is enhancing the capacities of MoSIT’s DG for Science and Technology in the areas of R&D and innovation performance and competitiveness and the development and management of Technoparks in Turkey.


Main objective is to contribute to the enhanced regional competitiveness by supporting enterprises and improving business, R&D, Innovation, Technology and the ICT environment in Turkey, with focus on Gaziantep province. The purpose is threefold: first, to provide technical assistance to support the Research and Technological Development & Innovation Initiative & Strategies in Gaziantep Province and related NUTS II Region (TRC 1), second, to increase the competitiveness of SMEs hosted by the Gaziantep Technopark, and finally, to provide technical assistance support in terms of capacity building activities for MoSIT DG for Science &Technology.


Project’s focus is twofold and its activities concentrate towards first, improving and upgrading the capacity of the Technopark and its services offered to its tenants (by training its staff, producing a roadmap, manuals, business plan preparation for tenants etc.), and second, increasing the demand of the local SMEs for innovation support measures  (by training SMEs and organising awareness raising events).

The project will contribute in structuring and capacity development of the existing TTO TargeT and the Gaziantep Technopark Management team, through training, consultancy and the preparation of business plan and technical manuals for the Technopark. The project will also provide consultancy support and training to improve performance, competitiveness and entrepreneurship of Technopark companies. It will also assist in the preparation of business plans for promising SMEs.

Through studies, reports and consultation, the project will intensify knowledge of SMEs in the region, and development of TDZ policy in terms of supporting, monitoring & controlling and performance appraisal in compliance with European Best Practices. The project will also increase awareness on Technopark and innovation support programmes in the region through the field survey/studies, visibility and publicity activities, trainings, workshops and study visits.

In national level the project will implement wide range of activities in the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technology (MoSIT) on the national R&D and innovation structure. Activities will include assessment of the current situation of the R&D and innovation system in Turkey. Assessment includes two views: the external environment and the internal environment analysis. The analysis of internal environment of the R&D and Innovation system include the functional model, services, organisations and operations, human resources and management of the MoSIT, DG for Science and Technology.

Examination and comparison of the international good practices in R&D and Innovation is essential part with advancement of improvement proposals.  The comparative analysis may lead to selection of reference cases and a consecutive gap analysis. An important issue is developing change management capacity.  This is done by formulating an approach ensuring smooth implementation of changes needed for better performance. Final aim of the work is to recognise the recommended improvements in R&D and Innovation framework and governance.




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