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MIGRAPRENEURS – “Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mindset Development for Highly Skilled Migrants in Europe”  is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Project with a running time of September 2016 – August 2019.

Human Capital is a key determinant of the innovative performance of regions and countries. Research has found that human capital coming from the migration behaviour of skilled individuals is a significant determinant of innovation in host countries. (SERC, 2011).  Skill mismatch, however, can contribute to unemployment and may reduce productivity and competitiveness. It appears in various forms such as skill shortages or skill gaps, but also applies to situations where the qualifications, knowledge, and skills of an individual exceed the requirements of their job. Migrant workers in Europe are more likely to experience over-qualification – where their level of education is higher than the job they are doing.

The purpose of this project is designed for utilizing the skills that highly skilled migrants bring into partner countries by fostering an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial mindset for migrants.

Target Groups

  • Highly skilled migrants (HSM) (educated to university level)
  • Entrepreneur migrants around Europe (mainly in countries who have been more affected by the refugee crisis)
  • Migrants who might never have thought about starting up businesses or are in the early stages of thinking about starting up.

General Objectives

The overall objective of this project will be to better utilize the skills that highly skilled migrants bring into partner countries by fostering an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial mindset for migrants.

Specific Objectives

  • The difficulty of immigrants successfully integrating into society is becoming an ever-more pressing issue and needs to be addressed. This project will help to combat this problem by increasing migrant employment in skills-matched areas as well as increasing entrepreneurship amongst this group and helping migrants to create strong social networks.
  • The project will also connect participants with both business professionals and fellow immigrants via a networking platform which will contribute to a more cohesive society and lead to more active participation in the community

Intellectual Outputs

  • Research Reports on training needs of highly skilled migrants to develop entrepreneurial mindset: It consists of desk research looking into training needs of HSM, Interviews and National and European Comparative Report.
  • A Training Programme: Development of the ‘Entrepreneurial Journey for Highly Skilled Migrants’ training programme including development of Learner Materials, design and printing of Learner Pack, Piloting Training Programme (2 pilots in total), National Reports (following each pilot), Overall Comparative Report (following 2nd pilot – bringing in results from Pilot 1 and Pilot 2)
  • Training the Trainers materials: Development of Training the Trainers Guide to accompany ‘Entrepreneurial Journey for Highly Skilled Migrants’ training programme consist of development of Trainers’ Guidelines for delivery of the ‘Entreprenurial Journey for Highly Skilled Migrants’ training programme, training the trainers workshop (1 day workshop)
  • Guide “Transferring your Skills into Self-Employment for HSM will provide information aimed at highly skilled migrants as to how they can transfer skills into self-employment. The Guide will contain specific chapters with information based on each partner country.
  • Policy Guide for policymakers into how to develop entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindsets when working with highly skilled migrants, based on project partners’ expertise and experience from the Migrapreneurs project. The guide will be an online pdf document available on the Learning Hub and website.
  • E-Learning Hub: An online Migrapreneurs Learning Hub (Moodle-based platform) to contain all the learner materials from the Entrepreneurial Journey training programme for highly skilled migrants as well as information for trainers (Facilitators’ Guide) and other interactive learning resources relevant to Migrapreneurs. A set of video case studies will be available as part of the Hub showcasing individual journeys from the target group members.


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