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NEXT—Next Generation in Charge is an LdV-ToI project which started in October 2010 with a running time of 24 months. The main objective of the project is to contribute to an increase in SME`s sustainability by using of innovative technologies such as e-learning to train  the target group, who are, SME owners who are planning to transfer their business and their second generation (successors and successee`s), or employees. SME Managers who will be in charge of the transition, University graduates, postgraduate students, who are planning to enter the management consulting and training market with special interest in business transfer, Management consultants and trainers who want do develop their scope of activities with business transfer, Business organizations and policy making government bodies who are in charge with  awareness rising, with a European prospective, combining relative strength brought by each partner country organisation.
  • Preparation of a demand analysis on territorial basis (Turkey) in addition and parallel to the report conducted by the SMA project for EU states,
  • Transfer of business training modules and trainings to be conducted in Turkey, Bulgaria, Italia and Austria,
  • An self screening  tool to be used by the SME’s and business transfer  consultants

Objectives of the project include;

  • Increasing capacities of the target group with training courses material based on e learning
  • Train and  recognize  “succession consultants and trainers” promote them to the chamber and union networks as a new Vocational Training Scope
  • Create awareness on business transfer
  • 40 SME`s (successors and successee`s) and prospective consultants and trainers will be trained during the test trainings
  • 500 user of the web based e learning platform to be created with the project.
The project will add value to the “planned succession” culture of the participating countries. The traditional succession method which is mostly “from father to the eldest son” will be replaced by a planned succession activity which will occur after all parties have been trained and ready to take over and to leave the business. The project is aiming to create a planned succession culture among the SME owners in which the young women will be involved as well. While facilitating successful successions the NEXT project will add value to the major declaration of the small business act which is the simplifying the business transfers.
This project is the FIRST business transfer project which will supply valuable tools to the VET market in Turkish Language.


The project has 10  partners including the silent ones, four from EU member states and seven partners from Turkey including the beneficiary. The composition of partnership provides contribution of a wide spectrum of European views and experiences. All partners are qualified, have sufficient capacity, knowledge and experience in implementing this project. For this reason, the responsibilities for the project are divided among the partners working in a complementary manner. Each partner has a different responsibility for developing the training contents, creation of the training modules and dissemination of the results.




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