Project Reference Number:

2011-1-GR1-LEO 05-06788


Organizational Learning a LdV-ToI Project with a running time of October 2011 – 2013.
The principal aim of the project is to transfer the tools and methods for incorporating lifelong learning into employment practices, in order to expand the adaptability potentials of employees in SMEs. The radical changes in society and the development of a new, knowledge-based economy enclose marginalization dangers for employees with low skills and in a precarious working position. The confrontation of these dangers is associated with many factors. The continuous growth of human resources and the development of their qualifications are two of the most important. All the above, show that the continuous development of the human resources and the development of its skills, supported by the reorganization of the enterprises on the basis of an organisational learning culture is imperative.
The main objectives of the project’s activities are the following:
  • Support to enterprises to evolve in the framework of continuous learning and development of their human resources
  • Support to employees, especially to those in a precarious position to develop their skills through personalized training and support plans
  • Promotion and development of model learning networks with the participation of enterprises, social partners, training and education organisations
  • Creation of products and formulation of policy proposals that will contribute to increasing the efficiency of the systems for training and supporting enterprises and employees.
The project’s activities will produce research-studies for the development of human resources and the mechanisms of lifelong learning in enterprises, supporting tools for enterprises who wish to evolve to learning organisations, guides for enterprises regarding the process of developing their educational policy and human resource development plans, educational databank which will include material regarding lifelong learning, local learning networks and workshops. All these products will be used in the pilot project which will consist of personalized plans for the educational policy and the development of employees, training material with selection of courses, distance learning training programmes consulting activities, and policy proposals.





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