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The project “REACH the hard to reach: How to engage young learners in the workplace training via mobile assisted learning” is a LdV-ToI project with a running time of September 2011 – 2013.

REACH is a transfer of the successful e-Ten project “BLOOM-bite sized learning opportunities on mobile devices” (2008-2009), and shall adapt between September 2011 and 2013 innovative and concrete measures for VET, demonstrating VET teachers trainers and counsellors how to attract motivation and increase participation among young learners.

Via active cooperation of employers’ associations from different European countries, the “Reach” project aims at engaging and empowering young groups of learners – in particular young disadvantaged individuals – (aiming at) working in selected areas (e.g. tourism, health care or construction sector) and showing basic skill deficits or being in need of customer care and communication skills of relevance at work. This shall be achieved via new approaches based upon blended technologies, mobile technology at its core. Young learners will be addressed via motivating multimedia contents dealing with customer care, intercultural and diversity skills or know-how about sustainability issues of relevance at work.

The main products to offer autonomous and social mobile assisted learning in these sectors and for the mentioned subjects are:

i) “reach me” m-Learning units & tools to empower young learners in these sectors by improving their workplace related and customer care skill
ii) the “reach the hard-to-reach” didactic Guidelines for teachers & trainers in V&ET showing how these new approaches, contents and tools can be implemented in daily teaching practice and which competences/skills/ knowledge – based on EFQ – can be improved,
iii) the “reach” interactive Platform with web 2.0 apps to help bridging the digital divide by offering learning units, teaching tools, networking facilities.


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