Project Reference Number:

LDV TOI 2007 TR 026


TEXT-e – Training of Export Trainers is a LdV-ToI project which had been successfully completed between 2007 and 2009.

The project has been elected as one of the 35 Best Projects on ADAM Database. 

The project aimed to contribute to an increase in SMEs competitiveness in the international scene through use of innovative technologies such as e-learning to train SMEs staff in foreign trading with a European prospective, combining relative strength brought by each partner country organisation.

Objectives of the project also include;

  • Increase foreign trade capacities of SMEs staff in both Turkey and Bulgaria to a level compatible with the established enterprises from EU 15,
  • Minimize identified training gaps in exportation across partner countries,
  •  Generate dialogue among the trainers from partner countries,
  • Transfer best practices and expertise between the partners.
The end product of the project is an export training program on internet and includes a number of e-learning modules and materials containing the broad framework of the ‘training of trainers’ course and key aspects of international trade procedures. In addition to e-learning, there had been local classroom trainings on all topics.

The topics are:

  • Internationalization and Getting Started Exporting,
  • Export Planning,
  • Export Market Research,
  • Trade Documents, Insurance and Payments,
  • E-Trade
The training materials on the above topics are also available in the form of CD-ROMs.

The product is designed to channel knowledge from international business support organizations into SMEs via either training the trainers in vocational schools or training the staff in SMEs or the voluntary potential tutors.

In the project, five groups of direct beneficiaries are mainly targeted:

  • Instructors in vocational schools (Vocational schools for intermediary human resources education in business)
  • University level educated women, especially in remote areas, who have the capacity to initiate/lead a business and have access to internet, but are unemployed due to lack of established businesses in their areas. These women will have the potential to gather small and micro businesses into budding export clusters.
  • Voluntary group of people with capacity (e.g., university graduate and have basic level English) but unemployed or on part time jobs.
  • The staff in SMEs that would like to export but are not equipped with necessary knowledge on export.
  • People who have been educated to university level (non-commercial studies) working in businesses who could be retrained as exporters.
The following groups of people has also got benefit from the results of the project:
  • Personnel working in Chambers of Commerce and Industries, SME development organizations, and business support organizations,
  • Professional women on maternity leave who could work out of home-offices,
  • University students who would like  to have another (marketable) skill,
  • Professionals working in another field but have an interest on foreign trade,
  • Expatriate/guest workers (Gastarbeiter) from partner countries working especially in the EU 15 who could act as intermediaries for companies from their original countries.


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