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The second multiplier event of the VALOR “Valorisation of Ancient Farming Techniques in Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture” Project was organised in Tahtacıörencik village in Ankara on October 1st 2022 by Makro Consult, the Turkish partner of the project. 21 attendants from stakeholders and NGO’s attended the event as the guest of Makro Consulting. During the meeting our guests visited the farmers market where products of growers are presented and sold. The dishes for lunch were prepared by Asiye and Adnan Durmuş, a family in the village who are operating a local restaurant where only dishes prepared from local products. After lunch, MAKRO presented the project and a discussion about the further cooperation with TADYA “Tahtacıörencik Natural Life Collective” ( are made. Additionally a discussion about use of VALOR’s e-learning material with “Gıdamız Geleceğimiz” (Our future is our food project and “Dört Mevsim Ekolojik Yaşam Derneği (Four Season Ecological Life Association ) members are made. The managers of both NGO’s foresee a valuable potential to use project results of VALOR. Further meetings will be made.

The growers made a training for visitors how to make local bread from natural wheat (Bazlama) and tarhana.

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