Strategic Investment Management and Feasibility Studies

All public or private sector investment decisions should 23243be based on actual needs and rational analyses for sustainability purposes. MAKRO Strategic Investment Management and Feasibility Methodology adopts that a concrete and realistic investment decision can only be achieved through;

  • Effective and efficient use of natural, financial, physical and human resources,
  • Special work plan and program,
  • Availability of controllable systems

The methodology comprises the following services:

  • Development of sectorial, local and regional analyses for the feasibility and sustainability of the investment,
  • Determining of investment and execution areas,
  • Planning and implementation of investment and project finance,
  • Coordination of sectorial licences, permits and supports.

Our methodology is different from traditional investment management methodologies in terms of guaranteeing the future success of all parties served. All necessary analyses are conducted in order to see the future of investment operation model and this way all the risks, arising from the investment, are minimised.