The training programs provided by MAKRO Team to all enterprises, particularly SMEs, are elaborated below. The training contents are tailored  according to specific needs of enterprises.

International Trade and Marketing Program has been developed by relying on long track record in EU financed vocational education projects which MAKRO has been involved either coordinator and partner. The program is tailored according to specific needs of SMEs, which are new comers in export or willing to start export activities.

Contrary to ordinary theoretical trainings, this program adopts more practical and application oriented approach, and the trainings are provided by the MAKRO Export Team who have extensive experiences in export activities.

The program lasts approximately 5 days. The main titles of the program:

  • Export Strategy and Globalisation
  • Export Readiness and Export Plan
  • Export Marketing
  • Trade Information Resources
  • Participation in Trade Fairs
  • Export Pricing
  • International Commercial Contracts and INCOTERMS
  • Payment Methods
  • Export Documentation and Delivery Methods

MAKRO Team has successfully completed a number of feasibility studies for public and private sector investments and gained an extensive know-how in the field. By relying on this know-how, the Team remarks two important issues for the sustainability of investments:

  • Need for tailoring public and private investments according to actual needs
  • Need for basing the investment decisions on rational analyses rather than instincts of managers and entrepreneurs

Besides, in case of the investments are funded by national and international supports, investment ideas and plans are expected to be proposed together with feasibility studies and/or cost-benefit analyses in specific formats. Public/private sector managers and regional development experts need to gain necessary knowledge about procedures and principles of developing feasibility studies.

This training program has been developed by relying on this need and comprises all procedures and principles about developing feasibility studies which supports investment decisions needed for building, renewal and enlargement of every kind of facilities and, removal of bottlenecks and renewal of old facilities for serving at cross purposes.

The program lasts approximately 5 days. The main titles of the program:

  • Executive Summary
  • Field/Market Research
  • Evaluation of Investment and Execution Areas
  • Project Management and Implementation Program
  • Financial and Economic and Analyses
  • Conclusion and Recommendations

Business and Management Development Program supports the strategic management methodology of MAKRO and comprises all subjects needed by enterprises in order to survive and compete in changing global economy. The program has been designed as it will mainly target managers and key management staff of all enterprises in all sizes, especially SMEs, and will guide the participants on how to analyse new business ideas, solve the problems faced while realising these ideas and boosting organisational performance.

The program has been designed with a broad scope and can be tailored according to specific needs of enterprises.

The main titles of the training program:

  • Adapting to Change
  • Tracking Business Opportunities and Business Idea Development
  • Business Analysis and Business Planning
  • Business and Sector Analyses
  • Product Development and Branding
  • Competition and Customer Analyses
  • Development of Financing and Marketing Plans
  • Deciding on Pricing Strategy and Distribution Channels
  • Innovation Management
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Leadership and Team Management
  • Effective Communication Methods
  • Problem Solving

This training program has been designed for introducing the structure, resources, application and implementation procedures of financial supports provided by Turkish Government to business idea and projects directed towards developing organisational capacity and performance.

The program lasts approximately 5 days. The main titles of the program:

  • Implementation of Government Supports
  • The Institutions that Provide Financial Support
  • The Areas Subject to Supports
  • KOSGEB Supports
  • Supports provided by Regional Development Agencies
  • Investment Incentive Certificates
  • Supports provided by Ministry of Economy
  • Other Financing Resources and Institutions provide Credits
  • Information Resources about Supports