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The first multiplier event of the VALOR “Valorisation of Ancient Farming Techniques in Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture” Project was organised in Tahtacıörencik village in Ankara on 19 June 2022 by Makro Consult, the Turkish partner of the project. 30 attendants from academic circles, non-governmental organisations, volunteers, farmers, and growers attended the meeting as the guests of Makro Consult.  During the meeting, the achievements of TADYA “Tahtacıörencik Natural Life Collective” were evaluated, the growers in the village and their natural farming lands were visited, the crops they are planting as well as the local products they produced were introduced. On the other hand, achievements of the VALOR project and some best practices accomplished during the implementation of the project were introduced by Makro Consult to the participants.  Cooperation opportunities were discussed with the Four Seasons Ecological Life Association. While the visitors are tasting the dishes prepared by Asiye and Adnan Durmuş, a family in the village who are operating a local restaurant where only dishes prepared from local products are served, sincere social interactions were established between the TADYA members and visitors. During the Tahtacıörencik visit, mutual views and ideas on ancient farming techniques were exchanged among the participants.

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