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With the dawn of computers starting from 1950s, important improvements over transfer of data among different computers and, consequently, the introduction of social media,

which has been increasing its importance in the individuals’ life ever since it’s conception, the tech revolution has shaped the life of mankind in an important manner. Today, these communication channels of the tech revolution lead the life of individuals and many spend most of their time facing their computers and phones.

According to the Digital 2019 report, internet and social media usage is increasing rapidly in the world.

The amount of mobile device users has reached 5 billion 110 million people in 2019 with an increase of 2% from 2018 which is over 100 million people. The number of internet users has reached 4 billion 390 million with an increase of 9% which corresponds 366 million. The number of social media users has also increased by 288 million in the past year and reached 3 billion 480 million at the beginning of 2019. On the other hand, the use of social media via mobile phones increased by 10% in the same period and reached to 3 billion 260 million people.

Digital 2019 Research Survey Data

It is estimated that the world’s population reached 7 billion 755 million people at the beginning of 2019 with a growth rate of 1.09% from the previous year. Internet users as well as mobile users corresponds to the majority of the world’s population and grow at a faster rate than world population.

Internet usage in Turkey in 2019 among the age group of 16-74 is 75.3%, which has increased by 2.4% from the previous year. Social media has evolved into a trend among individuals and become one of the most visited social mediums. In Turkey, of those individuals who spend around 7 hours a day on the internet, are spending 2 hours and 46 minutes on social media.

Internet and social media has become a mark of our century as a communication tool that  is expected to shape the societies’ behaviours. One of these major behavioural shifts is the purchasing behaviour of consumers.

According to the ICT Usage in Households and Individuals Survey in Turkey, the percentage of purchased goods or services over the internet for personal purposes has increased by 0.8% to 34.1% in 2019. Clothing and sports goods, with a ratio of 66.2%, has been the leading types of goods which were ordered by online shoppers over the last year. Individuals have purchased 66.2% of their clothing and sports goods they consume online. Similarly, individuals have purchased 27.4% of their food and groceries online, 26.9% of household goods, 20.3% of their electronic tools and 20.2% of printed press online.

Online shopping is continuously increasing as a trend. Accordingly, firms must develop specific initiatives to get the most out of this trend. Especially, they should be determining their target groups and reach the target audience through the Internet and social media immediately, starting from employing staff that will help them with their goals, that also have expertise in internet and social media sales.

To increase the supply of workforce with the specified expertise Makro Consulting has joined the DIVET project partnership. The DIVET project aims to increase potential youth workforce with the capability and experience regarding doing export through social media and the Internet. For details, please refer to the project’s website.

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