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The third meeting of the project was organized in Soverato, Italy on 3-4th October. Current and future outputs of the project was evaluated by the partners from 6 different countries.

The second output Curriculum for Unemployed Youth to Identify, Develop and Enhance Their Soft Skills is completed. Afterwards, 20 NEET’s (not engaged in any form of employment, education or training) from each country will be selected for pilot applications and surveys will be conducted for feedback.

One of the most important topics on the agenda was webinars which is a part of the e-learning platform. Young NEETs will be able to attend the pilot online courses and receive training from a distance using this platform. 9 modules will be presented from the highly experienced trainers who will be selected by each country for 5 days and 10 hours online.

Next meeting will be organized in Istanbul on 25-26th April.

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