During the Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation projects “Healthy learning in SME – HLS” was a very successful project with three years running time (2011 – 2013), the DAA worked very trustfully and efficient together with MAKRO. The contributions MAKRO provided for the project were very much appreciated during sometimes even exhausting and hard work. Without the cooperative support of MAKRO, the project wouldn’t have been as successful and definitely not quite as nice. The DAA would strongly recommend MAKRO as a partner for EU projects.

Susan Proesel

Die Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie GmbH

I have met with MAKRO with regards to Erasmus KA2- Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices “Training for the Production of Organic Olive Oil (ECOLIVE)” Project. İzmir ABIGEM is lead partner of the project. Within the scope of the ECOLIVE, we are 5 partners in total, from Turkey, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. We have been working together in this partnership since September 2015. I can conveniently express that our partnership with MAKRO has a privileged aspect compared to other partners. I believe that this partnership provides a very valuable contribution to achieving our major goal of “effective use and make others use of international grants and support “, which is very important for İzmir ABİGEM’s vision. The partnership with MAKRO has become the “developer”, “enriching” and “facilitator” of the value chain at every stage of the project until today. I believe that these qualities of partnerships will be preserved within the next 2 years. On behalf of İzmir ABİGEM, we wish our cooperation with MAKRO to flourish towards new fields and projects.

Canan Arıkbay, PHD, Director 

 İzmir ABİGEM A.Ş. 

MAKRO Consulting is a highly effective, detail-oriented project partner. They used their excellent project management skills as well as their extensive knowledge to successfully implement and complete all project activities and responsibilities. MAKRO Consulting contributed superbly at every level of the projects: from their inception, distribution of tasks and activities, detail planning, execution, and completion. Beyond the project implementation process, they shared many creative insights which helped to achieve a better quality of the final project results and outcomes. MAKRO Consulting proved to be helpful, attentive and reliable project partner. I would therefore highly recommend MAKRO Consulting to anyone who needs complex, challenging, fast track educational and/or research projects assisted, implemented or supervised.

(Signed testimonial)

Assoc. Prof. Petar Antov, PhD, International and Public Relations Coordinator

 University of Forestry 



In my experience working with MAKRO and its professionals, I can say that they have demonstrated the kind of passion that according to me is an essential ingredient for success in business and also in Life. The MAKRO colleagues, despite the normal difficulties that any project presents, they have shown commitment and determination to the work well done and they have put the means to achieve the planned goals. I have enjoyed working with MAKRO and I hope to do so in the future as well.

Alberto Gómez

International Economic Consultant: B.Sc. in Business Administration. Master and PhD in Economics and Business Administration

MAKRO Consulting is considered among our elite choice of our European partners! Mainly because of their professionalism, trust wise and effectiveness in building and maintaining business relationships! Always friendly and efficient to communicate and cooperate with staff, key elements which ensure the continuous development and success of MAKRO!

Giorgos Giorgakis, Managing Director

EUROSUCCESS Consulting  


MAKRO was a reliable and responsible partner. MAKRO Team was highly effective, they always working for the best results and they work with the highest level of focus. Overall, I would like to work with MAKRO Team again.

    Gianluca Coppola, Managing Director Head of EU Projects Division

Eurocrea Merchant Srl 

We appreciate our colleagues from MAKRO as very professional and reliable partners in several European projects we have carried out together. Strategies and approaches performed by MAKRO have always been most realistic and practical.

Helmut Kronika, Managing Director 

 BEST Institut fur Berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining Gmbh