iconThe contents and methodology of consulting tools provided by MAKRO Team to all enterprises, particularly SMEs, are elaborated below. The services are continuously updated according to changing economic and competition climate.

The enterprises, in all sizes and active in all sectors, need to adapt to changes in order to survive and compete in global economy. The enterprises can adapt by continuously analysing current resources, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and organisational cultures and taking necessary measures on time. In this regard, strategic management and strategic planning is different from other methodologies, for necessitating long term evaluation of all internal and external factors.

Developing strategic objectives is the first step in MAKRO Strategic Management Methodology. After developing strategic objectives, internal and external environment should be analysed by using broad methodologies with proven effectiveness and strategic planning and execution.

Business plan is the companion of a manager and an important part of proactive management style. It helps determination of strategic components matching with business mission, internal and external environment factors and future pathway of business. There are a number of business plan templates available today in many resources, as a result of the increasing importance of developing business plans and the constant need of each enterprise to develop one. However, as each enterprise has a unique character, each needs a special business plan. MAKRO Business Plan Methodology has been developed to satisfy this need and grounds on the development of the business plan as a guideline for managers and entrepreneurs to be used for the whole lifetime of a business.

Business plans include valuable information in accordance with the visions of entrepreneur and enterprise, and prepared as short as possible. It should be kept in mind that, the business plans should be updated with up to date information in each growth stage of business.

The business plans in growing enterprises directs the growth, manages priorities, facilitates evaluation and control and plans cash flow.

MAKRO Business Plan Methodology can be supported with related titles in Business and Management Development Training Program.

This comprehensive consulting tool adopts an approach which proposes; not only large enterprises but SMEs can also engage in export activities and, producing only high technology products and advanced English knowledge are not prerequisites for international trade.

MAKRO Internationalization Methodology primarily evaluates the readiness of enterprises for international trade with an in-depth analysis method and then categorises the enterprises, according to the evaluation result, for determining the appropriate services they need.

These categories and appropriate consulting services are given below:

1. The services designed for the enterprises which can jumpstart export activities:

  • Development of export plan
  • Market research and market selection
  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Negotiation process
  • Trade board activities

2. The services designed for the enterprises which need to develop operations before starting export activities:

  • Specification of the areas for further development
  • Development of proposals, implementation and monitoring

The enterprises in this category and the ones with no chance of starting export activities are supported with the International Trade and Marketing Training Program.